So, what is Social Media Management? (SMM)

It is a way to manage your social media accounts on a monthly subscription, set it and forget it basis.

Starfactory Media Group works with a team of social media analysts who can  grow your fans on a consistent, weekly basis and we keep them there for you. We concentrate on delivering real, targeted users, tuned into your message and/or products. SMM is built for celebrities and brand managers alike, who dont have time to sit on their computers everyday, searching out potential new clients and fans; we do all that hard work for you.

  1. We will concentrate our efforts on growing and maintaining this following on your platforms as evenly and steady as possible, keeping your accounts safe from bans and setbacks.
  2. We offer ready made plans, or we can custom build the packages you need in just a few minutes. It’s the nature of the promotion, your content and your message that influences 90% of our workload, so we will work with you to fine tune their content and time you releases for maximum effectiveness and reach.
  3. We prefer to custom tailor these packages to you, so before we start, we’d like to discuss your brand, product or services one on one.
  4. We will look at your current work and offer advice to get you ready to build a genuine client and or fanbase.

SMM is not for everyone, and is not your usual “Buy Twitter Followers” promotion. SMM is the REAL DEAL, and will offer you a ROI you can bank on.


Targeted Social Media Management

We provide 100% Real, Targeted Followers for social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. We now offer monthly subscription plans for targeted followers for any budget. If they want content built for these tweets and posts we have to charge double!

  1. monetize content and develop what you want us to say
  2. we can manage the account
  3. we will target fans
  4. we will help build co-branding campaigns
  5. standard social networking accounts

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